Axios Scoops National Clean Energy Week Announcement
August 22, 2017

On August 18th came the first public announcement that National Clean Energy Week will take place from September 25th through 29th. News of the announcement received widespread recognition. Axios’ Amy Harder had the scoop:

“An unusually broad and diverse coalition of 10 clean-energy associations are organizing a lobbying and advertising push next month to highlight how the industry is creating jobs and providing reliable electricity, with less focus on the sector’s role combating climate change.”

“The details: The coalition launched a website and is dubbing the week of Sept. 25 National Clean Energy Week.”

“The groups are organizing the usual suite of Capitol Hill activities, like lobbying, events with lawmakers and receptions, but also a mini demo fair….[t]he goal is to make it a yearly thing, say the organizers, which was led by the Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum, the non-profit arm of a conservative group pushing clean energy policies.”

To read the full report from Axios, click here.