Capturing Oklahoma’s Pioneering Spirit During NCEW
September 17, 2018


The National Research Consortium at Innovation Pointe Labs (NRC) is proud to partner with and recognize National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) in Oklahoma. NRC is a meta-research lab that develops and directs collaborative partnerships between universities, government entities, corporations and national laboratories to address the critical issues facing current and future generations. In recognition of NCEW, we will be hosting a panel discussion Tuesday, September 25that the National Weather Center in Norman, OK focusing on NRC’s bridge-building Advanced Resource Recovery Site (ARRS) research initiative. The science and technology associated with this initiative will aid in the development of cleaner oil and gas sites that maximize all available energy and water resources while monitoring and mitigating CO2 and methane emissions.

Oklahoma is an energy state and, like many others in the region, we’re preparing for a drought-intensive future. We understand that the global hydrologic cycle is a closed system and reducing the drawdown of our fresh water reserves is critically important. Our research team is creating a solar-powered treatment train to clean the water that is produced in the hydraulic fracking process for multiple potential end uses. With the aid of AI and machine learning, we have the ability to use nano-membrane and desalination technologies to treat this resource to purity levels suitable for fracking reuse as well as potential agricultural and municipal reuse. The treatment will also capture any available salts and rare earth elements presented and will assess their quality and quantity for prospective monetization. Along with maximizing the sites’ available resources using clean energy technologies, this initiative is building bridges in the clean energy space to partner the hydrocarbon sector with leading edge carbon capture research and fugitive methane emissions monitoring.

Our collaborative process captures the pioneering spirit of Oklahoma and will promote legacy based development in the clean energy economy. We’re pleased that NCEW is giving us a platform to share our project throughout the state and country.


National Research Consortium at Innovation Pointe Labs