Whether heating our homes, our water or cooking our food, natural gas is essential staple to the way we live.

As America’s most abundant and affordable fuel, natural gas supplies almost one-fourth of all the energy used nationwide, and residents of all 50 states enjoy its many benefits thanks to 2.5 million miles of transitory pipeline. The direct use of natural gas also achieves 92 percent efficiency and also contributes to reducing carbon emissions. It’s estimated that our nation has enough natural gas to meet our ever-growing energy needs for the next 100 years.

To learn more about natural gas’ stature as America’s most abundant and affordable energy source, visit the American Gas Association’s website.

Super-cooled or “liquefied” natural gas (LNG) offers an economic way to move natural gas where pipelines would be impossible. This exciting technology has transformed natural gas into a global commodity and an American success story.

America’s abundance of natural gas has enabled the export of natural gas as LNG to other countries. LNG exports bring economic benefits to the U.S., strengthen the energy security of our international allies and help to improve the global environment by reducing the world’s carbon emissions. LNG is also being used right here in the U.S. as an industrial fuel, as a supplemental fuel for electric and natural gas utilities and as a transportation fuel for vehicles and ships, along with many other uses. For more information, visit the Center for LNG’s website.