NCEW Affiliate Event Frequently Asked Questions

NCEW Affiliate Event Frequently Asked Questions


What is National Clean Energy Week (NCEW)?
NCEW is a week of activities in Washington, DC, and in states across the country highlighting the value and benefit of clean energy solutions.


What is the purpose of NCEW?
The purpose of NCEW is to bring together individuals, businesses, nonprofits and industry associations to influence the discussion in Washington, DC and around the country about commonsense clean energy solutions that directly address our nation’s need for abundant, reliable energy while preserving the environment.


What does it mean to host an affiliate event?
As part of NCEW, individuals, businesses and organizations are hosting affiliate events around the country. These events can range from panel discussions and workshops to meetings and watch parties, and they are an opportunity to create additional arenas for exploring clean energy solutions that complement official NCEW activities. Affiliate events occur outside of the main NCEW program and can take place before, during or after the week of September 21st – 25th, 2020.


What are the benefits to hosting an affiliate event?
When hosting an affiliate event, you or your organization can become a collaborative partner in the week, joining with other individuals, businesses and leading organizations around the country to recognize the tremendous contributions and societal benefits of clean energy.


What support will I receive from the NCEW team to host an affiliate event?
NCEW organizers are happy to provide free supplies, which you can sign up to receive using the event-in-a-box form here. Please note that NCEW event supplies are completely free, and there are no fees or other payments required. Supplies are provided on a first come, first serve basis and you may be required to confirm your request in the next several months, by email.


What affiliate event logistics are the host organizations responsible for?
Event planners are responsible for sourcing their own venues, organizing the event, registering participants, promoting their event and covering any incidental costs they choose to incur to enhance their events (such as snacks, A/V equipment, etc.). Additional details for your event such as registration, agenda and speakers should be included on a separate web page developed by you or your organization, which will be linked to on the NCEW website.


Will hosting an affiliate event guarantee admission to official NCEW events in Washington, DC?
Registration is required for all official NCEW events and subject to credentialing and approval as needed.


Where can I learn more about hosting an event and find more details about other events?


To learn more about hosting an event, click here. To view our schedule and events map, click here.