New Englanders’ Support Diverse Energy Initiatives – Clean Energy Week
September 22, 2018

National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) is next week, and the amazing support behind this year’s initiative will surely boost clean energy awareness to new heights. New England’s governors have all set ambitious goals to drive a smarter energy sector, and committing letters of support to NCEW 2018 makes it clear that they aim to make a difference.


We’re grateful for the enthusiasm of the governors of MaineVermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. These states deserve recognition for their efforts to strengthening an energy infrastructure that caters to many power sources.


All of the states continue to make strong headway in their respective renewable energy industries, a few accomplishments include:


  • Main holds the top position in New England for wind power. In 2017, the state’s wind turbines produced two-thirds of all New England’s wind generation.


  • Vermont uses renewables for almost all of their electricity generation, with the majority of the electricity coming from hydroelectric power.




Across the region, New Englanders are working with businesses daily to find better ways of generating energy.


This month in Maine, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program awarded over $400,000 to help Maine businesses develop their renewable resources. The grant will cover roof-mounted solar panels and fund T&D Wood Energy; a company building a mill that converts wood residue and waste into pellets.


New Hampshire’s capital city is one of 10 profiled in a new report on cities committed to moving their communities to 100 percent renewable energy. Concord aims to reimagine their energy consumption, and the city council voted unanimously to eliminate fossil fuels from the city’s grid.


NCEW seeks to spread awareness about more efficient ways of consuming energy throughout the nation, and the awe-inspiring work that American’s take on every day in the name of clean energy inspires the conversation that NCEW is all about. Every governor that recognized NCEW has our sincere thanks, and we commend the governors of New England for their important contributions to our country’s energy future.


Join the New England region at events this week celebrating clean energy in the region during NCEW.


Monday, September 24, 2018

New Hampshire Energy Summit – Concord, NH


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ETS: Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets & Clean Energy – Boston, MA