REcharge Labs Organizes Webinars for National Clean Energy Week
September 14, 2017

To the casual observer, these might appear to be tough times for renewable energy. There’s a lot of buzz from politicians and executives about doubling down on fossil fuels, cutting funding for alternative energy research and the like. We certainly understand why that kind of talk might be scary for folks who believe investing in renewables is not just smart, it’s necessary. Here’s the good news: no matter how much noise the old guard makes, renewable energy is here to stay, and the technology and education around it is improving every day.

That’s some of the thinking behind the first National Clean Energy Week, a new event organized by some of the leading thinkers and businesses in the clean energy industry. For the week of September 25-29 (and also beyond), the group is organizing a wide range of activities and advocacy efforts across America in an attempt to raise awareness, affect policy change, and encouraging innovation.

We here at REcharge Labs are firm believers in the ideals laid out by National Clean Energy Week, obviously. We’re doing our part by producing a week of free renewable energy education webinars for K-12 educators (or anyone else who takes an interest). These webinars will show you how to use gear, teach you a little about wind or solar and allow you to ask questions. Participants will also get coupons for REcharge Labs gear at the end of the webinar!

Check out the schedule below and be sure to register soon. These slots will fill up quickly. Thanks for reading, and for caring about the energy that will power our future!

REcharge Labs Webinars

Solar Scavenger Hunt, Monday, 9/25, 2-3pm CST Register Now

MacGyver Wind Power, Tuesday, 9/26, 11am-12pm CST Register Now

Solar Rover, Wednesday, 9/27, 3-4pm CST Register Now

Wind Turbines & the KidWind Challenge, Thursday, 9/28, 2-3pm CST Register Now

Power Grid Kit, Friday, 9/29, 1-2pm CST Register Now


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