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Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE)

Factbook: Sustainable Energy in America

The 2018 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook – produced for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, provides up-to-date, accurate market information about the broad range of industries — energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy— that are contributing to the country’s move towards cleaner energy production and more efficient energy usage.


Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)

Report: This is Advanced Energy

This Is Advanced Energy profiles 52 distinct technologies and services that make up advanced energy today: how they work, how they are currently deployed, and how they are changing our energy system.

Report: AEE Market Report 2017

Global and U.S. market revenue 2011-16 and key trends in advanced Energy Growth


Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum (CRES Forum)

Survey: July 2017 National Clean Energy Survey

This memorandum lays out the key findings of the survey research conducted by WPA Intelligence July 5-9, 2017, among n=1,600 likely voters nationwide. The margin of error in this research is ±3.1%.


Department of Energy

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Learn about the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) mission, vision, accomplishments, and strategic goals as defined in the 2016–2020 Strategic Plan.

STEM Rising

Stem Rising is the Department of Energy’s priority initiative to share resources, opportunities, events and internship sin clean energy through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from K-workforce at the Department of Energy.


Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN)

Small businesses across the country are powering the U.S. economy with cleaner, more efficient, more reliable energy solutions that save consumers money. This compilation of videos and case studies shares the stories of a few of these companies: Case studies.


American Gas Association (AGA)

Report: American Gas Association 2017 Playbook

The 2017 edition of the AGA Playbook covers the history of natural gas, the challenges and opportunities of the industry, and the role natural gas plays in energy security, a cleaner environment and economic prosperity.

Report: Game Changer Technical White Paper

Prepared by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) on behalf of AGA and other private and public sector sponsors, this white paper examines the recent emergence of heavy-duty natural gas vehicle (NGV) technology and how it can provide unmatched clean on-road transportation for at least a decade.


The Heat is Power Association

This three-page Waste Heat to Power Factsheet summarizes the technologies, market opportunity and policy landscape for waste heat to power (WHP) and explains how waste heat that is generated as a byproduct of industrial processes can be captured and used to generate electricity without additional fuel or emissions.


Environmental Entrepreneurs

Report: Clean Jobs Midwest 2017
The E2 report breaks down clean energy jobs by state, congressional district, county, city and state legislative district in the Midwest. The report shows that nearly 600,000 Americans now work in clean energy in the Midwest alone – and that clean energy also is one of the region’s (and the country’s) fastest-growing sectors.

Analysis: Energy Efficiency Jobs in America
A comprehensive analysis authored by E2, E4TheFuture and the BW Research Partnership of energy efficiency employment across all 50 states.

Fact Sheet: Clean Energy Jobs In America
Released by E2 in February 2017, this fact sheet illustrates the economic impact of clean energy jobs across America.


The Copper Development Association

Fact Sheet
The market for electric vehicles (EV) is rapidly changing as leading manufacturers debut new products, battery prices drop and government incentives continue around the world. Copper is essential to EV technology and its supporting infrastructure. The evolving market will have a substantial impact on copper demand.

Electric vehicles (EV) are contributing to a cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient environment. Powering this sustainable technology is copper, used for its durability, superior electrical conductivity and reliability.


Natural Gas Supply Association

Fact Sheet
This NGSA report explores natural gas’ proven role in the United States’ development of lower carbon energy.