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Washington, DC Mayor Bowser First to Recognize Clean Energy Week 2021

August 4, 2021 — Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a proclamation recognizing September 20-24, 2021 as Clean Energy Week in the District of Columbia.

Washington, DC is the first to formally recognize National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) 2021. Last year, Mayor Bowser along with more than half of the nation’s governors signed proclamations officially recognizing Clean Energy Weeks in their states. In her proclamation, Mayor Bowser cites that in 2020, the District of Columbia employed more than 13,000 people in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors and has consistently ranked among the top clean energy cities in the United States.

“Thank you, Mayor Bowser for recognizing the fifth anniversary of National Clean Energy Week in the District of Columbia,” said Heather Reams, chair of NCEW and executive director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES). “Today, 85 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are created outside of the United States. This means that U.S. energy and climate policy must foster innovation and commercialization pathways that work both for our nation’s capital and the capital city of India. NCEW and the Policy Makers Symposium provide a bipartisan platform to learn more about what is ahead for clean energy and build the necessary bridges between policy, finance, and innovation to make strides in this critical area. As we prepare to kick-off our fifth year and the return of in-person events, it is only fitting that Washington, DC – home to NCEW – be the first to recognize Clean Energy Week.”

“The urgency to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future is clear, and Washington, DC is proud to serve as an international model for building greener, more resilient cities,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “We know that by working together – at home and with communities around the globe – we can deliver results in the form of green jobs and economic development, energy independence, and, ultimately, a healthier planet and a better quality of life for everyone.”

Founded in 2017, NCEW brings together government officials, industry associations, businesses, nonprofits, and advocates in the clean energy space for events in Washington, DC and across America. The weeklong recognition honors the clean energy sector’s contributions to America’s economic strength while reducing global emissions. Among the unique programming offered throughout the week, the NCEW Policy Makers Symposium will convene lawmakers, energy advocates, and private sector leaders for enlightening and influential clean energy and climate policy discussions.

Additional information about NCEW—including sponsorship opportunities, in-person events, examples of how businesses and communities can show their support, and registration for the Policy Makers Symposium—is available at https://nationalcleanenergyweek.org/.


National Clean Energy Week (NCEW), described by POLITICO as “a veritable who’s who of the Clean Energy World,” is an annual awareness week to recognize the value of clean energy including abundant job opportunities, economic growth, energy independence, consumer choice, lower energy prices, and a cleaner environment. Follow NCEW on Twitter (@NCEWConf) and Facebook (NationalCleanEnergyWeek) for event updates. www.nationalcleanenergyweek.org


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